Reader Stories

Four different Delta flights over Spring Break, four different nut allergy policies cited by each flight crew. We followed all steps in notifying Delta at point of purchase of peanut allergy, by text chat to add tree nut allergy, at gate check-in, and actually with head flight attendant while pre-boarding. All assurances were given IN WRITING and IN PERSON that no nuts would be served. Midway through the last flight we realize one of the flight attendants had already served nuts to half of the plane (started from back of plane so we did not see). Then he refuses to stop and gets into verbal altercation with us and another family that he is "allowed" to do so. My husband had to get up and go to the front of the plane to get the head flight attendant to shut it down. I handed my daughter a thicker KN95 mask, she literally pulled her sweatshirt hood up over her face and sunk into her chair. Life-saving policies should not depend on the mood of each flight crew... Delta is off our list of trusted airlines.