Reader Stories

My daughter had an anaphylactic reaction on board an Asiana flight. As soon as the meal service began, a pungent sesame seed oil smell permeated through the cabin. She had an anaphylactic reaction, she did not consume the meal. After I administered an Epi-Pen, they ignored our pleas to land. No communication took place between the captains and myself and my husband, both medical personnel (my husband is an MD and I am a PA). We never even saw a pilot. No medical questions were asked. No one spoke with us. An hour and a half later, after a flight attendant witnessed our child’s now uncontrollable vomiting, the captain announced that he would be flying back to JFK, 3 hours away. Upon landing, she had another reaction, so this was a biphasic reaction. Not one Asiana employee attempted to help. She was hospitalized for 3 days. Many thanks to the NYC port authority and EMS.
Although I took every precaution outlined in Delta’s policies for traveling with a peanut allergy, flight attendants still served peanuts on my flight. Delta has repeatedly informed me that my flight is non-refundable. They have offered me $150 in “DeltaCares Vouchers” which covers less than half of the cost of my itinerary (not to mention the loss of potential prize money from the competition that I obviously bombed). They have reiterated how generous this is since I was only “uncomfortable” for a quarter of my trip.